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Designer fashion trends - Iris Van Herpen Voltage Haute Couture SS 2013

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22 January 2013

Designer fashion trends

In a somptuous decor of the Le Grand Hotel of Paris, Iris Van Herpen came with an electrifying collection with glamour and futuristic elements.

First, the attention was captured by a human statue standing on a Tesla coil that began to move as the voltage electrifying vibes could be seen getting out of the mouth, the head, the hands: scary or vibrant is for everyone to choose its feelings. The performance was made by a Dutch artist as a prelude for the Haute Couture fashion show.

After this intro, the runway came with dynamic moves and a collection that blows your futuristic inner self. White and black with the logo element in the center, straight lines and trapezoid shapes encircled us. It is in fact a preview for the Ready-to-wear collection to come in March.

The 11 looks show once again the artistic creativity of Iris Van Herpen in a world where haute couture can find not as much as originality as before. Iris Van Herpen succedded in electrifying the audience with a blasting Voltage collection.

Editor: Andra Oprea