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Design is honoured again at the Château of Clos Lucé

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21 May 2013

In June, design will be once again in honour at the Castle of Clos Lucé. The place will receive for the 7th successive year « The World of creation », an exhibition intended to make discover or rediscover the job of the designers and craftsmen of art. By textile creation in the realization of jewellery, by way of the leather shop, this event is a rare opportunity to follow the evolution of trends and techniques. 

Oscar Carvallo 

Originary from Venezuela, the designer Oscar Carvallo accomplished its catwalk during FashionWeek 2013 in Paris with a collection which distinguishes itself by its originality. It creates a particular world around the sea, its first source of inspiration. Oscar Carvallo plays with materials and natural elements to stay very close to this environment: bright leather, tulle and embroidering to remind of scales and of coral.

His collection 2013 « The Woman Fish » was crowned with success and its talent acknowledged.

Maurizio Galante 

With his extraverties and coloured creations, Maurizio Galante gives at the same time effervescent and poetic fashion, inspired by his Italian origins. Having enthralled art in teeming creativity, Maurizio refuses to station in the world of fashion and expresses himself also brilliantly in design (pieces of furniture, lights and attachments). Since its beginning in the eighties, his talent was crowned with numerous rewards. 

Christophe Josse 

Christophe Josse draws air collections which under their visible lightness lean on an extremist controlled technology in which, alone workshops haute couture know how to bring this magic of the special.

His silhouettes are romantic, sensual and delicate, intentionally anchored in the modernity.

After more than 15 years crossed to collaborate with numerous houses of haute couture, it decided to steal its own wings by launching his first collection in 2005.

Christophe Josse inserted the club of the haute couture in January, 2011, acquiring couturier's prestigious title so.

Fanny Liautard 

Acknowledged for her refined collections, Fanny Liautard accomplishes her models from soft and light subjects as silk muslin, satin or tulle. His collections, in most cases composed of cocktail dresses, gowns, wedding dresses and underwear, are an ode to the woman and to sensuality.

Since the launching of the mark in 1985, Fanny Liautard created a true poetic world around her creations.

Stephane Rolland 

After a remarkable course to Balenciaga, Balmain and Jean-Louis Scherrer, Stephane Rolland threw his own home of haute couture in 2007. Particularly acknowledged for the dresses of majestic parties, the creator sublimates the body of the woman thanks to flexible lines and of sensual falling.

After a line of luxury leather shop in 2009, Stephane Rolland gets ready to throw a line of ready-to-wear clothes this year.

Since 2008, the creator belongs to the circle very closed by the twelve houses of high - dressmaking.

Yiqing Yin 

At the same time haute couture and ready-to-wear designer, Yiqing Yin knew how to create a mysterious and smart world. She plays with appearance and fluidity of subjects to re-draw the outlines of the body, the face, identity... The embroiderings of thread, crystals and pearls, ubiquitous in his creations are worked to serve this effect of dédoublage and fuzziness. From a symbolic point of view, its creations are holders of a cogitation around time, which makes grow and breaks down.

Yiqing Yin appears among the 8 creative young persons to follow chosen by the magazine France Sails and its job was rewarded by the Grand prix of the Creation of the City of Paris.