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Daïva Collections, a French brand of high-end swimwear

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1 April 2015

A new brand is launched! Daiva Collections is a French brand of high-end swimwear.

Its credo? Transpose urban fashion on the sand and make the inevitable swimwear female wardrobe.

Fusion of colors, printed harmonies: the woman Daiva has a thousand faces. It is all about played codes and affirms its look and style with personality.

The creator of the brand, Gloria Binoche is passionate about travel. A meeting, a photo, a smell: all that she surrounds herself with it inspires her.

In 2015, she launched the challenge to mix prints and shapes to create swimwear with a strong identity and sophisticated elegance.

Enchanted by fashion since her childhood thanks to her mother, Gloria draws all its models by giving them the feminine touch that distinguishes them.


Daiva made the plunge and is inspired by cosmopolitan destinations for his first collection. Moroccan ceramics, African zebras, Japanese fans, scratches matelotes, rare bird feathers ... From the diversity born originality.

Retro bra, bandeau, triangle: the high relative of nodes and gathers to enhance cleavage. Shorty, mini or draped trousers: each figure form to structure the line and be graceful curves.

The one-piece, brand signature, dare plunging neckline and giant knot in the back.

To you to discover the creations Daiva Collections!