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Cross currents Inner child

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10 September 2011

Enter a new reality where the rules of engagement focus on imagination, spontaneity, freedom, discovery and instinct. Childlike thinking is challenging today’s rule-driven world, where all aspects of life are dominated by health and safety culture, PC posturing, realism, decision by committee and doing the right thing.

Children aren’ t aware of being practical or sensible; they are lead by their emotions, their love of storytelling and the flouting of so-called rules.

Beautystreams explores the magical trend where there are no limits and fun is at the forefront. Prepare for wonder, delight, emotion and danger…



Cave-like retail places encourage an air of exploration and discovery. New York pop-up concepts by Leong Leong for Siki Im and Snarkitecture for Richard Chai give retail an intimacy it often lacks. This trend also provides the opportunity for quiet pause spaces such as in the newly opened stores from Hermes Rive Gauche by RDAI to Tsumori Chisato in Hong Kong and London’s Mulberry Bond Street by Universal Design Studio.



The web provides the perfect opportunity for niche retailing, offering carefully curated collections of goods. In response, physical retail concepts are emerging that tell the customer a tightly woven story with products grouped around imaginative themes. The owner of Kiosk Kiosk in New York sell twice-yearly curated collections of goods based on a place they’ve travelled to. The creative organisation 826 have inventively themed stores across the US selling goods to fire imagination.



Beauty takes to the pint-sized kitchen with hands-on or hands-in formulations, colours and looks. Icing sugar hues, glazed and iced finishes and piped and drizzled applications are in the recipe box for this trend. Formulations range between shaken powders and finger-licking creams. For hair, think topknots and buns. Skin remains healthy, fresh and biscuity.  The major makeup focus centres on the mouth.



The fragrance industry has long used scent capturing technology to obtain illusive smells – from natural tones such as Lily of the Valley to the asphalt and toner notes popularized by the likes of Comme des Garcons. The next phase will progress from capturing notes that already exist to dreaming up fantasy ingredients and producing their smell. Fantasy notes will offer a new spin on synthetics. Who wouldn’t be intrigued to know what a ghost smelled like or want to add a note of phoenix’s ashes or frostbloom rather than Iso E Super?

Notes of Nostalgia:

Six Scents’ series 3 – which was based on childhood memories and Jo Malone’ s new Sweet Milk fragrance which launches this spring will kick start a trend towards perfumes with an air of childhood nostalgia. Prepare for smells that hark back to the candy store (spearmint, aniseed, gumdrop), nursery (milk, cotton, wood) and schoolroom (pencil shavings, paper, chalk). Delivery methods also hark back to the playful inspired by Cire Trudon’s cheeky Perfumed Stink Bombs.