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Cosmetic colours: trends for the spring/summer 2013

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9 May 2012

The last tendencies could be seen as songs which we listen to for the 1st time: either they like them immediately or we learn to like them. Each of us is unique and must therefore take into account his own style. In the same way as music evolves over the years, styles intersect and new ones appear. The public remains faithful, while marks declare to themselves an even hard competition. What counts consequently, it is the advance which they have on the others. In it, it is necessary to top up this need in "Bonus": spectacular shows of dances, held by stage sexys, hairstyles always crazier or tragic personal history. Why all that, do you wonder? To cause emotion, so that you won't forget. You represent the brand, you are a trend evolution, you are your own colours. Here there are some suggestions.

"To die for" colours:

Shades for which you would give father and mother. Metallic effects crossed blended for maximum of sensuality, giving this impression that such a wanted gentleman is on the point of coming into sight. When they apply these « to Die for » colours in make-up, the woman is transformed into fatal being for the night. It will be in the centre of attention, its delightful appearance capturing all looks and putting its circle in its feet. The colours of this topic meet in a palette of shades of red and lilac, tinted with a metallic brilliance acquired from Visionaire pigments. Darkful, dramatic, they allow to acquire " a palpable passion ". Shades with eyelids pass by the silver-plated, the off-white and come to idealize impact « gillet bulletproof plate » of volcanic shade in red-purple. This look is also sublime in red with lips. Amazing. Impressive. Secret. 

Ghostly White

Special Argent 

Gasping Rose

Bloodcurdling Ruby

Racing Heart

Burning Tears

Violet Rumor

Gold Liner

The red blush ' keeps your breath ' bring a glorious and cool brightness on cheekbones, blend in with the skin and harmonize perfectly with the making-up of look. And to make the full turn of themes, nails will also hold attention: roses « cardiac ", " zero stop heartbeat » very in confidence and the jolly « burning tears ».

Business Glam

Business Glam brings the female key in this world of business dominated by the men. This look allows the woman to escape from this bureaucratic routine in navy blue and grey and to scoop out its inspiration among delicate accents of chillie colours to glamour. Nude tendency is diverted and combined with a successful combination of pigments Mirage borosilicatés and helps to climb up the echelons of career with delicacy. For this look, shades with liquid eyelids caramel released from a pinch of purple bring an unforeseen brightness in the « look business », a precious help for your confidence and dynamism. if we add an eye-liner you bring more precision.

Heart-Stopping Pink
Bloodcurdling Ruby
Pulse Breaking
Casual Caramel Toffee Break
Peachy Suite
Professionally Tan
Office Pink

The same baggage room for varnishes: in the 1st outline, they look wise and subtle. When they go up, they realize that they shine in a mind-expanding manner.

Dresscode: Young Summer, in the wind, cool weather these terms represent the mind of these themes in a concise and definite way. ' Dresscode: Summer ' represents the joy created with pigments klin SynCrystal. Days stretch out and nights also. Summer days are a call to sports, to beach and whole panoply of free time, while summer nights recall holiday, music and new meetings. 'Dresscode: Summer ' means life, outdoor activities, power, freedom to accomplish what holds dear to us. The colours of this look will not call the ice and cool drinks, the message will be rather flower, reproducing a natural and wonderful palette. These colours are indicated for the warm-hearted eyes, mouths inviting to kiss and the nails to be seen.

Dresscode: Summer is perfect for contrast and to accompany the white of flax, cloth of which we are particularly very fond during nice season.