Cool New Massage Tool Provides Instant Stress Relief

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11 April 2012

Stay relaxed with the Kneader - enabling you to enjoy a stress relieving massage, wherever and whenever you need it!

The Kneader, an innovative and beautifully designed massage tool which offers pretty much everybody the method and the means to perform a relaxing massage on themselves or others.

The Kneader is the invention of professional therapist and opera singer, Una Tucker.  Frustrated that she couldn't find any suitable massage tools to recommend to her clients for use in-between treatments, she designed her own with simplicity, versatility and affordability in mind.

The Kneader is made from acrylic, so it not only looks good but is both durable and washable.  The design of the Kneader means that every part of the tool is usable and multi-functional, to achieve a light or deep massage.  Its organic design flows with the curves of the body and mimics the actions of a professional massage, so it's both an enjoyable and effective home spa treatment.  It can be used to massage over clothes, directly onto the skin with massage oils or in the shower with soap and water.  Because the Kneader has no moving parts and does not require batteries, its easy to use in the office, at the gym after a workout or on holiday (it can even be used with suntan oil!).

Although you can start using the Kneader straight away, it comes with a comprehensive instructional manual and DVD for those who prefer a bit more instruction.

So, relax and stay healthy with The Kneader - a massage tool that means anyone can give and receive a fantastic massage whenever they need it!

The Kneader costs £25 and is available from