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Color trends in cosmetics: Spring/Summer 2014

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16 July 2013

Make-up trends: Color trends in beauty product: Spring/Summer 2014 

Pantone, Eckart... The colour professionals have just pronounced what are the biggest colour  trends for the next spring/summer season: frank colours, but also many pastels.

Topics developed below come from the research work led by Eckart. 


This topic is dedicated to the Asiatic continent and means "colour". Pigments MIRAGE and SYNCRYSTAL are very present, because the Asiatic women have a distinct preference as a natural, pure and discreet make-up. These women avoid flashy and dark colours, as well as too showy gloss pailletés. The Asiatic market has just wanted to see fewer pigmentations in the offered products. Colours offered on this topic go of some honey-champagne to the pink powdering, by way of one light blue light and grey - dregs of wine made iridescent.

The liquid eye-shadows trend is confirmed in some Asiatic countries, what rules on the producers to maintain the colour that they were used to.


The European summer 2014 promises to be bright. Deliciously rear-view mirrors and always cheerful, this directory is particularly suitable for young women who will demonstrate their recklessness facing financial status. Orange, blue, red shadows and mint are a manifesto of exuberance.

If some people will hesitate to disguise the eyes of explosive colours, they will be less halting concerning the lips where it is allowed not to skimp on effects.

Side nails, ambience is maritime, with different proposals of overalls, or even 2 blending via creative nailarts. 

In a general way, the more they move away from the face, the more we are disposed to dare (example of the yellow chick or other fluos colours on nails).

American Effect

Metal never dies! The iridescent and other metallic make-up products return on the front of the stage  all the way with the song "we coil America". Clarets and overalls are therefore willy-nilly of bet.

Source text and photography: beautypress.fr, Eckart

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