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Color trends for Autumn Winter 2013/2014 in cosmetics

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18 June 2012

Inspiration, motivation and nutrition regulate our daily routine and feed it. To give free hand to one's creativity is perceptible as vital. How to keep the inspiration alive? From now, we should escape the stress of the daily routine, so that each could recharge batteries and find one's place in this world. That it is in the coffee of the corner, it is a question of being present and absent at the same time, elsewhere in one's intimate world. It can be in a big city, where we feel the anonymous and lonely and we learn then to see the things of a different perspective. We can also perform this intellectual promenade by recollecting us years, passed decades. Whatever is our choice, it is important to make this trip more often.
Automn Mist
Let's go around now across a thick fog or a rainy autumn day. Some people admit the charm of these ballades of late autumn, when the sun struggles to shine. For a good many of us, autumn rhyme especially with time passed at home, in heat and ideally in front of a fire of chimney, together with a good book, to dream, or having installed comfortably in a coffee with a very creamy cappuccino and this delightful part of cake and its topping in crumble.
A candle is lighted and they look out the window to take place this autumnal day, rocked by loving rays of sunlight, the fields of cereals which give the impression of an agitated sea, and the reddened leaves which point the road out to us towards winter.
Colours for Autumn Mist play in the court of contradiction: hot shades and natures facing effects cold metal. This petrol is reflected in 10 applications and form their clean harmony.
Eyes: Coffee Rosso, Misty Espresso, Dreamy Mocha; sugared almond Cream Lips: Plum Cake, Cinnamon Cupcake, Sweet MacaronNails: Berry Milk Shake, Iced Coffee, Cranberry Smoothie
Metropolitan Boulevards
The energy which emanates from metropolises makes us live a true experience of sensuality. With all their roads and their light, they feel having in front of one a sick man suffering from hypertension. They smell a permanent electrical dynamics, in the pale appearance, which doesn't know rest and that puts the heart in hard test. And near the night, the city reveals another face: the more flavorless colours of day are transformed coloured frank and the ambient air flutters with glow.
They attend an abundance of coloured light and players like cosmic neon in dance halls. And every night, they will be ephemeral promise that the night will be better than the past day.
Deep colours Metropolitan are the express reflexion of night power. They were create in mind that the night always lasts. What of more concrete to express this energy than pigments which represent the glamour in its pure state, mirage of a life which each manufactures in its own way.
Eyes: It' s Showtime! Blip one! The Crackerjack! Rocket Flare

Lips: Reveled Red, Prominent Purple, Copper Celebrity

Nails: Berlin Blue Boom; Luxury London, Brilliant Bangkok, Sparkling Sydney

Dresscode: Winter

This season foreordains in the preparation of the year to come, and looks tenderly at the passed seasons. In this instant of contemplation, every woman sees each other again small girl, irons events and inspirations which marked her life: films, music. Winter parties take part more than any others in parties DVD, during which they won't hesitate to come out again from vintage films: «Some people warm like him», «The men prefer the fair-haired women», «Breakfast to Tiffany»... Here reality melts in memories, dreams marry desire.

Dresscode: Winter expresses itself in clear shades as dawn in winter. Pigments SYNCRYSTAL occupy a major role there, and themes are added to this «Saga of Seasons Dresscodes».

Hot and cold shadows are combined, with inspirations to Marilyn Monroe and many other icons. Eye-shadows have lightness and delicacy of a breath. The eye liner in frost is also volatile as a nocturnal snowflake. Gloss is surprising by their softness and have a taste of 1st kiss. Nail enamels glitter as the spark in your eyes. These colours will bring the truth over our winter, as a new breath in the middle of cold and of morose days.

Eyes: Miss Bluish Black, Harriet Navy, Angela Purple, Betty Violet

Lips: Polly Rose, Joyce Magenta, Victoria Lilac

Nails: Roberta Fuchsia, Elsie Red, Clara Pale Pink