Collection Mademoiselle Butterfly SS 2012

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24 January 2012

Bark, mole, ebony... For the new collection spring-summer 2012, Innoxa comes with great new products in a luxuriant nature where soft and natural tonalities are conjugated in aquatic and bright shades of summer landscapes. When the petal pink or the lagoon blue express themselves on the eyelids, it is all about the look which takes shape in a poem look. A bucolic beauty wobbling between sensuality and intensity, pastels and deep blacks, which will certainly make capsize hearts.

Number 1 makeup in chemist's shop, Innoxa offers expressions without parabens, without phénoxyéthanol nor allergens, textures pleasure long keeping for a make-up « intensely colour, resolutely care ».

Shades with eyelids Wet and Dry

The new shades with eyelids Innoxa have everything undoubtedly to like. Their cream expression allows a double application: fag for a very gently and subtle result or "Wet" for a maximum intensity. Altering the pigmentation incredibly, they contain mineral compounds which guarantee homogeneous and held optimum application. A make-up in an instant and still more since these make-ups are enriched in plant strain cells in regenerating power. The whole without parabens nor phénoxyéthanol for the happiness of the sensitive eyes. Innoxa obliges!

Side colours, the five nuances allow to vary pleasures between loving pastels and darker colours. In the slightest flapping of eyelash, eyelids recall the takeoff of a butterfly simply overpowering.


A look of embers for the smokys of the big evenings.

Encode ACL: 981 891 4


A diving in a turquoise ocean.

Encode ACL: 207 566 3


One mole models …

Encode ACL: 981 892 0


The necessary for the nude addicts.

Encode ACL: 981 888 3

Brightness Petal

More than ever, important, it is the pink!

Encode ACL: 981 890 8

Shade with eyelids Wet and Dry Innoxa,

Indicative selling price: 11.30€

Pencils Kohl

Offered in limited edition, these pencils kohl make the looks even deeper. Applied to the internal or external outline of the eye, they sublimate the intensity of the shades a little more still with eyelids Wet and Dry. Very long keeping and waterproof, they are very gently applied, for a maxi effect. 


They plunge with delight there.

Encode ACL: 207 564 0


Reserved for those who like nice browns.

Encode ACL: 207 563 4


You let intoxicate by this grey.

Encode ACL: 207 562 8


The sure value par excellence

Encode ACL: 207 565 7                                       

Pencils Kohl Innoxa,

Indicative selling price: 9.40€

Reds with Lips High Tolerance

More fond of good food than never, these two lipsticks Innoxa are an invitation to delightful kisses. On the one hand, an evocative satiny fuchsia of a field of flowers in spring; of other one a loving brown everything in transparence and depositing an effect bitten lips bright incredibly. Tested under control dermatologique on the sensitive lips, they are formulated without parabens nor phénoxyethanol.

Red with Lips Comfort Fuschia Innoxa Haute Tolerance

12.30 euro

Encode ACL: 468 019 6

Red with Lips Transparent Silk Innoxa Haute Tolerance

12.30 euro

Encode ACL: 971 951 4