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Cindy Chao and Sarah Jessica Parker make the Ballerina Butterfly pin

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8 September 2014

Cindy Chao and Sarah Jessica Parker Creates Pin "Ballerina Butterfly" Black Label 2014 Masterpiece 

This unique piece of fine jewelry will be auctioned by Sotheby's Hong Kong in late October in favor of the New York City Ballet 

Cindy Chao, the creator of contemporary fine jewelry globally recognized for her intricate creations with rare gemstones, collaborated with the actress, entrepreneur and philanthropist Sarah Jessica Parker for a singular piece of jewelry. Result of this collaboration, the pin "Butterfly Ballerina" Masterpiece Black Label 2014 will be auctioned at Sotheby's Hong Kong on sale "Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite" in October. The amount of the sale will be donated to the New York City Ballet. 

Parker and Chao have a mutual admiration for their respective creative career since the "Black Label Masterpiece" exhibition Cindy Chao in Beijing in 2011. Their friendship and mutual respect has led them to many discussions about a possible collaboration. At the opening of the store of Cindy Chao in Beijing in 2012, where Parker was guest of honor, the two women decided to combine their creative talents to work together to design a unique jewel, whose profits would for a charity. 

Pin "Butterfly Ballerina, Black Label Masterpiece I, 2014" was carried out with passion for two years, during which Parker and Chao have seen on numerous occasions to develop the whole conception of the work, review sketches, wax castings and gemstones. Chao began the creative process by developing a wax model of the piece, like all his creations "Black Label Masterpiece. "Pin" Ballerina Butterfly "fuses the unique expertise of Cindy Chao jewelry as an artist of the first order, with the trained eye of Sarah Jessica Parker for style and design. 

The result of this combination of energies is pin "Butterfly Ballerina, Black Label Masterpiece I, 2014," the body in titanium and 18K gold supports a brown cushion diamond of 26.27 carats, three brown rough diamonds weighing 47.71 carats in total, three conch pearls of 7.25 carats in total, surrounded by 4,698 diamonds and colored diamonds fancy 98.09 carats in total, completing the majesty of the "Black Label Masterpiece Butterfly. "Pin" Ballerina Butterfly "was inspired by the beauty and graceful elegance of ballet, illustrating the sensitivity, delicate structure, strength and poetic movement of the body of a ballerina. The spindle can be brought to the upside or place, to create two silhouettes of exceptional splendor. 

"Sarah Jessica and I are two very different creative minds, who share the same artistic vision and passion," notes Cindy Chao. "She really appreciates the essence and soul of my work, and I admire her fashion point of view and style that is both innovative and classic. My "Butterflies" have an annual special significance for me. Working with Sarah Jessica for a cause that is important to us both, and we believe that this pin "Butterfly Ballerina" holds a particularly special place in my heart. "

The "Black Label Masterpiece Butterflies" are one of the most coveted themes of Cindy Chao chosed by collectors worldwide. Chao designs a "Black Label Masterpiece Butterfly" each year since 2008, symbolizing his transformation as an artist. This year marks the tenth anniversary of CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel, bringing very strong personal meaning to "Black Label Masterpiece Butterfly. "The" Butterfly Ballerina "is the first piece of artistic jewelry designed in collaboration with the house, evoking a notion of infinite creative possibilities, depicting a passion shared by both Chao and Parker beauty. 

"I am very pleased to know Cindy and her work for several years, and working with her has proven to be an incredibly special experience," says Parker. "Cindy's creations are true works of art; they catch the eye and imagination so memorable. I am absolutely delighted to have worked with her on this project, which is the wonderful work of the New York City Ballet, an organization of which I am very close, and very important to me "The New York City Ballet is honored to be part of the wonderful collaboration between Sarah Jessica Parker and Cindy Chao, "said Katherine Brown, the Executive Director of NYCB. "As a member of our board of directors, Sarah Jessica has created a lot of interesting initiatives to both attract new audiences and generating philanthropic support. We are delighted that she and Cindy chose to make NYCB both the inspiration and the beneficiary of the sale of the exquisite pin "Ballerina Butterfly. 

Chin Yeow QUEK, Vice President and Director of Sotheby's Jewellery Department of Asia, said, "Sotheby's is proud and honored to be part of this exciting project, interweaving jewelery creativity, arts, and art auction sales. By offering this unique pin "Butterfly Ballerina" in Hong Kong that actually undoubtedly a global phenomenon. "

Pin "Ballerina Butterfly" debuted during the week of Haute Couture in Paris in July. It will then travel through Asia before settling in New York where Chao and Parker will be Co-Chairs of the Gala Fall of New York City Ballet, 23 September 2014 The pin will return to Hong Kong in October before the auction.