Christmas skin treatment, Pelleve-Peel

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29 November 2011


River Medical celebrates its most popular skin treatments with an exclusive Christmas combination treatment the ‘Pelleve-Peel'

The ‘Pelleve-Peel' treatment is exclusively available at River Medical. It combines this year's most popular treatments in one affordable package that will leave your skin fresh, firm and fabulous ahead of the party season. This combined treatment was a brain child of one of the River Medical Registered General Nurses who got a last minute invite to a black-tie event. Wanting to look her best she asked one of the other nurses to firstly clear and freshen up her skin with a Jet Peel and then ease her tired looking eyes with a Pelleve. ‘Nurse-ella', went to the ball looking fantastic and the ‘Pelleve-Peel', treatment was born.

The ‘Pelleve-Peel' is the ideal combination of two treatments that complement each other perfectly so your skin will look fabulous before, during and after the Christmas party season.

In your one-hour treatment your skin will benefit from:

  • Jet Peel - a natural, non-invasive treatment that unblocks, cleans and revitalises the skin. It is a painless treatment that dramatically improves the condition, tone and texture of your skin leaving it looking and feeling refreshed and glowing.

AND this year's biggest skin firming launch

  • Pelleve: a new innovation for smoother tighter skin, it is FDA approved to treat facial wrinkles with NO surgery, NO injections and NO downtime. Pelleve firms, tightens and lifts the skin easing any tired eyes, lines and wrinkles.

Both of these non-invasive treatments require no downtime, meaning you can go straight from River Medical to your Christmas festivities, with firmer tightened skin and a healthy refreshed glow. All non-surgical treatments at River Medical are performed by a Registered General Nurse and every patient receives a free consultation and skin assessment before any treatment.

This very special Christmas offer is available at River Medical from 1st November - 31st January 2012 for a special one-off price of €400.