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Christmas Presents for boys

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25 November 2011

We do love boys. Well, most of the time. They are cute, dirty football-playing things, not understanding our more or less important issues. Instead they drink beer and love the smell of your hair on a warm summerday. Aww.. lovely. The more we would like to make them happy - so I made up my mind about christmas presents. In fact, I´m not the creative type, so I´m quite lucky that the boy of my dreams is a hipster and would be happy with clothes or vinyls. Here is some stuff which costs less than 50€ enjoy and share your ideas! 

1. and 12€) Why should boys not wear cute jewellery and fluffy woolly hats? see. The pencil - chain will defend him, if a stranger attacks him, looks dangerous and creative at the same time.
2. aztec style knit wear - 35€ how cozy, if he´s wearing this, you will love to cuddle him, even,  if he had too much beer again.
3. (26€) a scarf is a classy present, but a bit boring, anyway, this one is nice
4. (30€) since everyone is really into weekday, the Bruno Pieters for weekday collection is to die for. even if its not that special.
5.   :  (ca.29€) Well, what can I say about underwear? You will barely see it at all, but if you do - YEAH you will like what you see. You can say things like "Oh wow, I really think your eyes look more blue in your underwear" - or you can just love the high-quality underwear he´s wearing only for you.
6. (45€) messenger bag, nuff said

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