Christmas holiday week at Corsican Murtoli Domaine

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23 November 2011


Another world this estate in Corsica is like no other place on Earth. Murtoli is unique and extraordinary! 
In order to make the dream a reality , Murtoli, the sleeping beauty, required all the passion and hard work of the local man who inherited the family-owned estate to bring it back to life, whilst respecting the memory of the place and his ancestors.  

Murtoli's history is lost in the mists of time. The name, inspired by 'myrte' (myrtle) and similar to 'l-immortelle' (the everlasting), refers to this fundamental site. It is said that the Ortolo Valley has the very essence of the Garden of Eden. Grottos, springs, game...Prehistoric tribes made a good move in coming to the valley. The remains at Cauria, enigmatic stone statues, still bear witness to their presence here. 

At Murtoli, "Everything is offered, but nothing is imposed"! 
But, in order to welcome you appropriately and to make you dream about your nextholiday with us, the team at the Estate offers you packages and themed weekends.
An full programme of activities is offered depending on the season. Take a look at what we offer and... Book.  

For Christmas:

The end-of-year celebrations are a marvel for both young and old alike.  In winterthe Estate remains green. The sun caresses the land. The log fire burns. The villas are decorated to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a warm and convivial atmosphere. The Nativity Scene, Father Christmas, Christmas trees and presents, with the Corsican Christmas meal served in the Grotto. On New Year's Eve, on the stroke of twelve, under the mistletoe, you will be surrounded by friends at a table to enjoy the most exquisite dishes.