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Makeup, Beauty Trends and Passion
Makeup, Beauty Trends and Passion

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Christian Louboutin launches Scarabée limited edition nail collection


12 June 2015

It is no longer a secret that Christian Louboutin has a thing for Egypt and considers it as his second home. Anyway, his last inspirations come from Egypt.

Having already the Spring 2014 Khepira bag in the beetle shape, now it is the turn to put on some colours. And not any colors, but Scarabe colors. The designer was influenced by the Egyptian bug especially with its irridescent colours. So a limited edition was born having this Scarabe as the muse.

There are three shades in the collection: metallic with shades of gold and rose, blue with shades of purple and emerald, bronze with shades of blue and green. 

The entire symbols of the collection are an introspection into the Egyptian iconic places like the pyramids with the shapes and now with the colors of the enigmatic bug.

Editor Andra Oprea