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Christian Dior Spring 2018 Couture

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23 January 2018

Paris Fashion Week has started. Christian Dior was among the fashion houses to bring back a certain vibe: the surrealism of the elite, backstage. What this can mean? Well, this eager to go out of your own borders through different forms of expression. Here, we have couture but also subliminal messages: women in cages, masks, transparency! A little bit of "Eyes Wide Shut"? We may think so!

Christian Dior Spring 2018 Couture collection is a world in itlself: checkboards (integrating perfectly the decor of Musee Rodin), the mirrors, the psychedelic black and white lines ("the colors of the subconscious", as Maria Chiuri puts it backstage), the subtile message beyond masks and symbols.

The collection was influenced by the art of Leonor Fini, a client of the house in the epoch of Christian Dior. Maria Chiuri used a quote from the artist to open the show: "Only the inevitable theatricality of my life interests me." Theatricality, definitely, there is! So, we are entering the hole of Alice in the Wonderland! 

Sculptural dresses, first in a black and white game, accessorized with Stephen Jones' masks, feathers, all created in a sort of austerity line that plays between ecclesiastic mood and unleashing energies. We can see the eye motif on a gown, an elite symbol, we can see checkerboards that derive our view and change direction, the "cage dresses" with embroideries over transparencies...a sort of see behind it couture game. 

So, it's up to each of you to see beyond it ...

Author: Andra Oprea