• Photo courtesy of Chapal

  • Chapal Carpart bag - 1100 euros

  • Chapal Blouson - 2300 euros


Photo courtesy of Chapal

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Chapal, one of a kind luxury brand

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20 April 2012

Since the creation of its first tannery in 1832, CHAPAL have gone on innovating and developing a succesfull work of leather garment. The company still belongs to the same family for 7 generations.  At the end of the 19th century CHAPAL already owned several factories in the world among which one in Brooklyn. In the technical field CHAPAL have perfected exclusive patents such as the most famous plastic coating on sheepskin: used by the US army on bomber jackets (B3) 

By creating in 1963 an automobile circuit near the factory in the centre of France, CHAPAL proved an authentic passion for prestigious cars and races. The brand has been associated with notorious names and events: Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, Enzo Ferrari, Henri Pescarolo, Jean Todt ... Mille Miglia, Le Mans 24 hours race... 

Today the production unit is still based 100% in France, where the company was founded. Tannery, creation and manufacture of ALL the products are done inside. Everyday are tanned and elaborated the most authentic leather, are designed, cut, sewn, assembled, carefully controlled absolutely ALL the clothes, bags, shoes, helmets, goggles... in the exquisite luxury tradition. 

Jean François Bardinon designs his collections following the experience of his family and gives it his optimistic personality. CHAPAL collection has been requested by prestigious brands to associate their image to specific products: Jaguar, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Bugatti... Proud of a strong historical heritage CHAPAL ready to wear or "sur mesure" work respond to high demanding customers, lovers of refinement in search for rare objects.  

Private Showroom in Paris on demand http://www.chapal.fr/