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Chantal Cousinard, hair expert, creator of a natural brand


1 December 2011


Chantal Cousinard is originally from Normandy, where she performed her study before going to Paris. 

She teaches Pierre cartwright at Jean Louis  David International, on Champs Elysées, street of Marignan. Then her course leads it to comb for Jean-Jacques Rivault, and George Bacon in 16th place Victor Hugo. Chantal will comb on fashion shows, in the cinema, princesses and men and political women. 

Member of the Hair Club and being part of the artistic team show of hairstyle, Chantal then combed on shows and parades, in France and abroad.


It opened its 1st living room in the 6th arrondissement where she continues to comb the stars of the small screen. While staying in the 6th, she works for Mod' s Hairun time, street of Rennes. She becomes then manager for Mr Courrèges in the 16th arrondissement, avenue Victor Hugo (8th and Suburb saint Honoré.

After the closing of the living room, it crosses saint Honoré to Alain Divert, prestigious living room Suburb, whereshe combs for magazines, cinema and fashion shows.

It created later his actual living room in the 17th, Living room Chloë, where she works with plant colouring and of natural sweeping.

By creating the biological and natural line Young Shoot / Jeune Pousse, Chantal asserts his will to link hair care to mineral scales. May, 2011, Television in the Morning puts in star the mark of Chantal Cousinard to make it discover to the general public.