• Photo courtesy of Chanel

Photo courtesy of Chanel

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Chanel’s Bejeweled Eyebrows, a fashion statement

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16 March 2012

Chanel has always come with new things in Runway shows. It is not only about the clothes and now it proved us with the new bejewelled eyebrow technique.

Chanel Autumn Winter 2012 Runway created a big fashion statement with the bejewelled eyebrows worn by the models. Peter Philips, the creative director of Chanel came with the brilliant idea for the Chanel Make-up. He took his inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld sketches where the idea of crystals, minerals dominate the entire show.

The make-up focuses on crystal stoned eyebrows glued on the natural eyebrows of the models.

The eyebrows had a pearl base and were made of antharcite gray sequin embroided with many mineral stones as a strong motif of the entire show.