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Chanel Spring 2014 trends - art and fashion

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2 October 2013

Fashion trends from the runway - Chanel Spring 2014

You expected tweed, a lot of tweed from Chanel fashion collection? Well, tweed it was, but Karl did not tweeded more than what he wanted to outline.

What Karl Lagerfeld wanted to outline in his spring 2014 fashion collection?

Well, Chanel Spring 2014 is about mixing art with fashion, is about creating dresses through art and art through dresses. Is not about the red carpet as Karl says "The red carpet is not fashion,". "It is something else, but not fashion." 

So, we have a different vision of Chanel - for some very alluring, for some a bit odd. We can see tweed, raffia braiding, paneled skirt, vivid colors like in a graffitti game, of course, a matching bag, shoes with ribbed socks.

Where is the art in the fashion collection?

Everything was imagined combined together - from the entrance with the Gallery where artistic vision was put to try and Chanel elements were turned into artistic symbols - Chanel No. 5 Robot, the "Modern Narcissus," a life-size, 3-D nude on a Plexiglas platform, Mademoiselle's private atelier entrance.

"The idea came from people who overreact to art today. It's all become a little too much," Karl Lagerfeld said. This way he decided to turn fashion into art and art into fashion. 

All the photos from the runway Chanel Spring 2014 Paris Fashion Week 

Editor Andra Oprea