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Makeup, Beauty Trends and Passion
Makeup, Beauty Trends and Passion

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Celebrity style guide - Brisa Roché, the image of Swarovski


27 January 2013

Celebrity style guide

It is the Kingdom of Jewels and in the center is the woman, the queen of beauty. It is known, it is said, but what brings more attraction to this kingdom must be a more powerful tool.

It is just strategy, marketing, business or we need something else to attire?!

Swarovski came with a solution: finding the right muse to convey their message: every woman has to be every day beautiful.

The muse was a bit of a risky choice as it seemed at the beginning but, for us, Brisa Roché is the perfect choice: mysterious beauty, exotic look and elegance in attitude. It is a perfect match.

Though, as Brisa Roché declared at the press conference during Midem, the choice would bring her much popularity among Swarovski fans but not to her fans who are accustomed more to her rock side. The result, in fact, is a mixture of two fan categories that discovered new worlds. As a painter, composer, singer, Brisa Roché symbolises the 21st century woman that exudes rock 'n' roll muse down to her bejeweled finger tips. 

This is what Swarovski Kingdom of Jewels wants to express through this partnership: a multifaceted energy and exoticism in everyday beauty.

Editor: Andra Oprea