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1 December 2011

Celebrity style guide

The home Artcurial Briest-Poulain-F.Tajan offers for sale on Monday, January 30th, 2012 at Drouot hotel an unique collection of more than 300 lots consisting of dresses, accessoireset chafed jewellery PACO RABANNE.

Pieces between 1979 and 2009 by Jorge Zulueta and Jacobo Romano from INSTRUMENTAL GRUPO ACCIÓN, this rare pieces are the origin of the runway used for renewing the traditional language of the Opera.

« Meeting at Paris with the work of Paco Rabanne was one of the culmination of this desire » they tell, before adding: « Dresses-sculptures, in the service of the héros for the héroďnes of our Operas, allowed us to carry gesture more high dramatic music. » Between haute couture and high culture, these « objects of mode » as "actors" travelled the whole world. They illustrate transgressive, poetic force and prospectived' a nonstandard fashion designer, which more than any other one used the clothes as moyend' plastic expression.