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Celebrity dresses - Best dresses pour all occasions

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27 November 2011

Celebrity dresses by Chanel

The small black dress, revealed in 1920s by Chanel, has never left the street or the runways. It is a big classical piece of our dressings. It represents womanhood and represents the class. The small black dress is continuously being unique et a good choice to wear. It crosses from sobriety to madness with just a few accesories and can be worn in so many ways. From day tos night it carries in any opportunities and remains really chic!

The site Les Petit Robes of Mademoiselle has as objective to allow every woman to discover the perfect small black dress! And different accesories to sublimate it are a real advantage! But it also allows his customers to discover or rediscover his pointed selection of (new) creators! AVH By Anne Valérie Hash, Ella Luna, Isajon, 4Me By Julie Bernardin, All Paris, Orlane Herbin, American Rétro, Sylvia Rielle (between others!) for the French designers. Mary Kyri, Charlotte Sparre, Amit GT, Frry, Kamola, Théia (between others!) for the foreign designers.

The site Les Petit Robes of Mademoiselle allows to all the girls and women of 15 to 75 years - and more! - to find the small ideal black dress and the accesories which will prettify it. The different categories (The Basic, The Days, Cocktails, The Parties and Attachments) allow to find products medium range, high range and luxury for different budgets all keeping quality and preserving a fashionable mind and Parisian style!

With more than twenty designers, more than a hundred products, new products are put online often, the site Les Petit Robes de Mademoiselle will offer to its customers to renew their basic dresses but also to make the twist into their wardrobe (and their black small dresses!) thanks to accesories (bags, footwear, neckerchiefs, jewellery) carefully chosen by the team!

Jennyfer, Maëlle and Héléna, three Parisian, loving fashion! Concept is inspired from a film on the life of Gabrielle Chanel. They thought first of all of a house boutique but finally preferred a site of online sale for the biggest happiness of those that don't live in Paris! « The small black dress is a must-have! Our purpose is to allow every woman or girl to find THE small black dress from, without having to run from store to store! They can also find the accesories which will go perfectly with their dresses! » 

Finally, The dresses of Mademoiselle is a site is which allows every woman to find her perfect small black dress or its accesories, for any budgets! Orders can be made in metropolitan France, Luxembourg and Belgium. And the international deliveries are on their way. You can follow Les Petit Robes de Mademoiselle on Facebook: Fan Page The petitesrobes of Mademoiselle and on Twitter: PetitesRobes