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Celebrity creativity - P Diddy's creative vision


20 June 2013

Sean Combs known as P Diddy for all the hip hop music and fashion lovers arrived at Cannes. As always, very well dressed in a white suit with black tie, P Diddy was really serious at the Cannes Lions conference. Few jokes, straight talk. We did not even took into consideration his 15 minutes delay.

What I liked most at his speech was that he talked passionately about his work. Yes, we all know him as the Bad Boy, the party man, the American rapper. Few know that P Diddy is one of the most successful people mainly in America that uses consumer culture for his creativity.

P Diddy became famous because of his ambition:

He started from Harlem and had the ambition to make his culture known more than what is was at a local level but for what is worth listening to. So, like many black people, hip hop was a channel to do it.

Hip Hop hits, Menswear Design Awards, Vodka brand creator:

But P Diddy kept on going developping top hits to successful recording artists moving on to his number one selling global fragrance franchise and being a member of Council of Fashion Designers of America. He even won the Menswear Design award. Moreover, he could not see any party without vodka so he created his own vodka brand that became successful worldwide.

P Diddy's creative vision, in fact, was not listening to brands and commercials but going straight to his inner power of expressing his ideas about his culture. He found an ally in MTV as a powerful tool for young generations but disapproved with the period when MTV cut off music and became some other thing less music.

Music is P Diddy's creative vision

Music is P Diddy's channel of expression; he knew that this can have an international echo and open gates to the minds that have not yet discovered it. He combined and mixed communicational strategies to enforce his vision. He wants creative minds in his company, fresh creative minds that can pass bodyguards, PR, managers' doors and get to the heart of the business. "Help us guys" he told showing his availability to new ideas.

"I wish me luck"

It needs more than talent to become successful, one has to be the right person with the right mind to do it, to use the creative vision and make it worth. He even told at the conference "I woke up every morning and I wish me luck" (laughing). Luck is the thing that P Diddy created himself.

Editor Andra Oprea