• Photo courtesy of Saks

Photo courtesy of Saks

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Celebrity and Fashion Trends - Jennifer Aniston for Saks

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21 June 2013

Jennifer Aniston is representing Saks in their Cure campaign posing with the Key to the Cure T-shirt.

What Jennifer Aniston wears in the commercial?

The actress will be campaigning with the T-shirt on, following ambassadors like Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Hudson and Uma Thurman. She paired the T-shirt with some jeans and an oversized brown belt and accesorised it with the brilliant engaging ring very evident in the picture. The wedding ring creates more stir in the press regarding Jennifer Aniston's wedding to Justin Theroux.

Who created the T-shirt that Jennifer Anistos wears?

The T-shirt is created by Peter Dundas from Emilio Pucci in a limited edition. It will be available in Saks stores for about 35 euros starting from 1st October. The proceeds will be donated to the EIF's Women's Cancer Research Fund that search new treatments and potential cures for women with cancer.

The actress said, "My hope is that everyone will contribute to this worthy cause by purchasing a Key to the Cure T-shirt designed by Emilio Pucci."

The images will be published starting September in fashion and lifestyle magazines.