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The New Star of Saved by the Bell

18 June

Mitchell Hoog, soon to be starring as Zack Morris' son 'Mac' in Peacock's highly-anticipated "Saved by the Bell" reboot, will produce and star in AFTER MASKS, a 5-part anthology series written and directed by the actors themselves while under the stay at home order with Brian McCulley and John Crockett of AEC Studios producing. Developed to keep production moving in a uncertain times and leading the way to other productions in a post Covid world.  The stories will be focus on many of the relatable issues we are all dealing with while on quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic such as isolation, uncertainty, fear, substance abuse, and self-discovery, among many others. The segments, while stand alone, will take place during the same time-period, and share the same through line. The film series will be one of the first to shoot following strict social distancing restrictions. Robert Picardo (Star Trek: Voyager), Stefanie Estes (Amazon's "Tales from the Loop"), Frances Lee Mccain (Back to the Future), Michael Welch (Twilight franchise) and Alexandra Rodriguez (Hulu's "East Los High") will also star and Andrea Tucker will exec-produce along with Andrew Burrill.  Born in Fort Collins, Colorado, Mitchell Hoog grew up as a top snowboarder, before realizing his passion for the arts and beginning his acting training with AEC Studios. Hoog

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