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Celebrities that Love Playing bingo

24 January

The appeal of bingo stretches far and wide, bingo draws in crowds of people no matter what their age, background or financial status is. The community is welcoming to everyone and anyone. As there is an equal chance for anybody to win the jackpot, winning is based on complete chance with there being little to no strategy to succeed, there is not the kind of snobbery in the game as you would find in other games that involve gambling - visit Lucky Niki Casino. Perhaps because of this welcoming atmosphere in the bingo community, many celebrities have been known to enjoy a game of bingo.  Catherine Zeta Jones  The Welsh born Hollywood superstars love for bingo became way before she became an actress. In her native Wales, Catherine Zeta Jones often spent her childhood playing games of bingo with her family. Allegedly she was first able to afford dance and acting classes when her father won the hefty sum of £10,000 by playing bingo. Hollywood superstardom hasn't changed Zeta Jones' passion, as she has been holding bingo parties with her family, including her husband, actor Michael Douglas!  Prince William  Even royalty enjoys a game of bingo. Prince William has been known to host many games of

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