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Anthony Hopkins Promotes His Paintings Via TikTok Dance

13 Janvier

Anthony Hopkins is a well-known actor with an outstanding career in cinema and award-winning personality, best-known for the role of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. Anthony Hopkins promotes his paintings via TikTok dance Not far ago, the actor posted a video on TikTok dancing on a song of Drake, "Toosie Slide". In the background there was a huge painting that looked like a portrait in strong colors. In fact, the painting behind the actor was nothing but the Self Portrait made by the actor himself. His talent as an artist started to be revealed more and more lately. And this is not spontaneous! The actor seems to have always had a thing for art, since he was little. A passion for drawing As he was not very fond of school, he used to draw a lot but never thought that he can become an artist. It's due to his wife, Stella, that the artist got back to this artistic side. His wife discovered his drawings in multicolored ink and told the actor he should start painting. So, he started painting landscapes and portrait and offer them to the guests who came to the house. From acting to painting Anthony Hopkins fills his time now with

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