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African football legend Roger Milla launches Noma Fund internationally to eradicate the Noma disease

23 Novembre

With the international launch of the Noma Fund, former footballer Roger Milla, is issuing an appeal to mobilise the world, including the UK in the fight against Noma. A disease little known to the general public, Noma kills nearly 140,000 children around the world every year, leaving mutilating after-effects on the faces of the few survivors. As the implementation of simple measures would be enough to eradicate this scourge, Roger Milla calls on the international community to raise awareness and invites citizens from all over the world to sign three petitions. Noma: disease of children without faces Present in Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America, Noma is a childhood disease that mainly affects children aged between two and six, from the poorest populations. Favoured by severe malnutrition and oral hygiene problems, it results in gangrene of the mouth and face, leading to the death of the child in 90% of cases. Nomen, the Greek word from which Noma takes its name, means "to devour", itself evoking all the horror of the disease. The 10% of Noma survivors remain scarred for life, most often condemned to social exclusion and terrible physical suffering. "I thought I had seen a lot of suffering in the

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