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Catherine Deneuve interview and beauty tips as a blonde


29 April 2014

We have always known Catherine Deneuve as a blonde hair actress. She tells in a recent interview that she decided to dye her hair in a blonde shade when she was 18 years old. She has light brown hair but blonde came as an option at that time. And, since then, she tried different shades of blonde till she arrived at Christophe Robin, a specialist who found her perfect blond.

It is a matter of time to find the right shade of blonde. And it needs a lot of caring.

Catherine Deneuve uses different shades of blonde related to seasons`s change or movie roles. She always takes care of her hair and uses every time a lemon base mask to clean her hair. 

"I spend a lot of time outside or on the set, so I always protect it with lavender oil and wash it with a lemon cleansing mask," she says. 

For all of us, we have always known Catherine Deneuve as the blonde beauty. She, as Brigitte Bardot or many other blonde actresses, is the beauty blonde icon.

"Sometimes when I choose a darker shade, nobody notices. People always picture me as a blonde.", says the actress.

See the video here - Interview Catherine Deneuve 

Editor Andra Oprea