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Capsule videos from Maje

fashion & styletrends

13 November 2012

«Every woman is unique. Each one has something unique and irreplaceable» said Truffaut. 

And we agree. 

The Maje girls are the girls of their time, at the same time glamour and rock, simple and sophisticated. They have  feet on earth, but heart waiting for thousand details, they recognise themselves, are in order but 

don't seem alike at all. They are very different, each one with their own style.

Maje introduces the first collection of capsules videos: a small film, introduced in three parts in stage the real life girls, each one with a different talent. Three girls, three versions of womanhood, who meet all in search of something. 

« FOLLOW ME» draws you away into the world of these 3 girls, charismatic and gifted, chosen at the end of a Facebook casting for several weeks. 

They share their humour, their lightness, their love of life, and their passion for fashion.

Videos capsules Maje go between true life, wrong cinema and backstage. Atmosphere is in mi-way between dream and reality, concrete and magic. 

Official launching on the site Maje.com on October 24th

Follow actuality FOLLOW Miss from now on on the facebook MajeOfficiel