• Photo Courtoisy Agence Maienga

Photo Courtoisy Agence Maienga

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Cap Femina Aventure: the feminine rally

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28 June 2013

From 3 till 12 October 2013, the Cap Fémina Aventure, sports and united raid devoted to the women will take place from Villeneuve lez Avignon to the Moroccan lands. In parallel to the sports challenge  aspect, Solidarity Actions and Meetings with the Moroccan population are in the middle of event.

The Cap Fémina Aventure: a human adventure with a meaning

The philosophy of this rally-raid is first of all solidarity and the idea of sharing. The Cap Fémina Aventure, it is also the discovery of Morocco "in another way ", commitment beyond borders. In the evening of sports stages, raid will be regulated of meetings and sharing with the Moroccan population. For example among four envisaged Meetings, Cap Fairies will meet Moroccan women to learn to make traditional pastries.

But the Cap Fémina Aventure is also a rally-raid of direction principally there 4x4. At every stage, the crews receive the "Road-book", discover the line of the day and have as objective to follow a predefined course on track with the aid of a compass, by respecting "check dawned", while being close to ideal mileage. True sporting event but at the same time very different from its big sister the Rally Aïcha des Gazelles, the Cap Fémina is first of all an adventure based on human values which allow to the crews to have another vision other than that of sportswomen competing for the best classification.

Solidarity actions on 2013

The Cap Fémina Aventure will set actions up in France and in Morocco:

In France, the  2012 solidarity action of collecting childcare equipment for the Restos Bebe du Coeur du Gard is re-made. Cap Fairies will rally again to route the equipment of childcare on the village starting Villeneuve les Avignon on October 3rd, 2013 and to help hundreds of babies and their moms. In 2012, thanks to the mobilisation of the Cap Fairies, 437 families could be supported.

In Morocco, Cap Fairies go this year to dedicate half a day to repaint the school of Hassilabiad in the south of Morocco. Four classrooms welcome 180 children, girls and boys. The objective of the solidarity action: to improve the pedagogic environment of the children so that they could teach in better conditions.

During the solidarity action, Cap Fairies will also have the possibility of depositing donations to the advantage of a local association which will undertake to redistribute them to the families of the village and to the surroundings with real needs.

Valérie Mairesse, a godmother in honour

The actress, Valérie Mairesse, who will also be in Morocco from 3 till 12 October, when she will follow Cap Fairies on tracks and support them in their solidarity actions will also be godmother this year. Loving Morocco and sensitive to the values represented by this adventure, sharing, discovery and solidarity, she confirms one more time her attachment to Cap Fémina Aventure.