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Cannes Lions 2019 – Final winners announced
Cannes Lions 2019 – Final winners announced

The 66th Cannes Lions International Festival of ...

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The 66th Cannes Lions opens for five days of learning, inspiration and networking

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has opened ...

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Cannes Lions 2018, under the signs of youth and new mentalities

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29 June 2018

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And so it can go on and on as Cannes Lions is more than a festival, is a twirl of life explorations and emotions!

This year, like all the other editions, the explosion of ideas and feelings were at their peak! A high level of ideas was shared by creative people from all fields of activities, especially advertising. And the themes were various! The trends, also!

There were some prominent trends that we could see and analyse during this edition of Cannes Lions: a more active youth activity, gender equality, the issue of masculinity in an era of reinforcing women power and rights, the ideas of innovation and futurism, of keeping it classic or in the actual lines or speeding faster to the future. What is right, what is wrong, what makes us evolve, what can we do to keep the track or go further, what life teaches us, what can we give to life in order to get back.

You see?! Cannes Lions is all about that because, in the end, it all reduces to one essential point: life! With all that's within it!

We can see the winning prizes, the struggles but in the end we see how that work affected people's lives and mentality, how advertisers are mind shapers and how people follow lines, under the spell of storytelling and marketing. This festival teaches us, also, that we are all in the same space shaping different opinions and visions, but we keep track of the same lines that are being sent to us. And these lines are part of the strategic marketing that we are all involved.

Cannes Lions Big Winner

One of the biggest winners from the game was Ogilvy. On the final evening of the 65thCannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Ogilvy has won its fourth Grand Prix of this year's festival and a Bronze Glass Lion. The highly sought after Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix was awarded to Ogilvy Mumbai for its ‘Savlon Healthy Happy Hands' campaign for ITC Savlon. 

This brings the network's overall festival tally to an impressive 109 Lions, including; 4 Grand Prix, 16 Gold, 29 Silver and 60 Bronze. Ogilvy Mumbai's Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix winning ‘Savlon Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks' involved the concept of infusing soap into chalks branded as ‘Savlon Healthy Hands Sticks'. It was devised to encourage children to wash their hands with soap. This simple innovation formed part of an engaging and educational behavioral change campaign.   

This year's festival has seen some of the network's most creative and thought-provoking work being awarded Grand Prix across a wide range of categories. In addition to the Grand Prix for Creative Effectiveness won by Ogilvy Mumbai, there were three other coveted Grand Prix awards.  These were Ogilvy Chicago's Grand Prix win in the Industry Craft category for ‘First Steps' for Kiwi Shoe Care, Ogilvy Cape Town's Radio & Audio Grand Prix for ‘Soccer Song for Change' for AB-Inbev Africa and Ogilvy Colombia's Product Design Grand Prix for ‘Kingo' for clean energy provider Kingo.

The work behind the winning, the sparkle behind the curtain

So, winners can prove that, behind, everything that we see on the screen or else, there is a team sparkle of ideas and settings.

Just like every speaker from the Festival; each of them brings their energy and thoughts and we walk out from the room more filled, more liberated, richer!

This edition 2018 evolved uner the youth spirit and the new generation influence who were eager to learn more, to create an impact with theoir own vision ..who knows, they might even help change the world for the better.

Journalist: Andra Oprea