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Cannes Lions 2013, more than a creativity festival, a visionary festival

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23 June 2013

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

Cannes Lions is not a simple creativity festival, is a visionary festival. Great minds, nice perspectives, innovatory technologies, forums and seminars.

What can one learn from Cannes Lions?

Cannes Lions taught me that Ideas are eternal. And, once you find your profound creativity, your ideas can be universal and last forever. Take Google's innovatory techniques: Moonshots. Astro Teller told us about the moonshots. They somehow seem impossible yet they are achievable. Google[x] is a moonshot factory focused on changing the world by solving problems. And tip from the speaker: in 20 years we'll going to have a software that will find solutions to all humanity problems. Also, you may have heard of Google Glass or self-driving cars. Think of innovation - now is may seem impossible, in a few years just a regular thing.

Annie Leibovitz, the fashion photographer that wants it her way:

Behind all technology that makes things move, there is another side of creativity - the essence: the storytelling. Creative minds like Annie Leibovitz inspires us through her photographic lens. "Just let me do it my way" seems to be the principle that she works on, she needs her creativity to be expressed through her personality. And it does it really well.

Celebrities as Disney characters:

The story behind celebrities Disney characters seemed quite interesting. Scarlett Johansson grabbed the tiara from the photographer and put it on her head - she expected this all her life, she wanted to be a Cinderella all her life and Annie Leibovitz helped her fulfill her dream through her lens. Taylor Swift was magically interpreted Rapunzel, Julienne Moore as The Little Mermaid. All dropped from fairies and making dreams come true. "Disney Dream Portraits Series" transformed celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, David Beckham, Johnny Depp into Disney fairytale characters.

The most inspiring conference: Vivienne Westwood

Thrills of emotions, inspiring thoughts of being good and doing good to humanity, of discovering yourself and not getting manipulated by "Mafia Power".  Find your "best self" and "get a life", some mottos that kept everybody's attention. So, Vivienne Westwood, the fashion designer and moreover the mind designer gave us all these emotions.

Sean Combs alias P Diddy and how to use multiple communication channels:

A successful story starts with a dream and ambition. And, P Diddy has all these. From top hits and number one selling global fragrance franchise as a member of Council of Fashion Designers of America and Menswear Designer award-winner, P Diddy used multiple communication strategies to stay in the public eyes with a creative vision redefining culture as an engaging creative force.

Sir Alan Parker, the creative force that gave us eternal films:

From music to film, Sir Alan Parker helped us see some frames from all his creative years of film directing: Angel Heart, Evita and many other great movies proves that creativity is eternal and has no bounderies. An inspiring voice that lets to posterity great inspiring films.

Cannes Lions, the festival that gives chocolate in the press kit:

For Cannes Lions are so many things to say that I can surely admit is one of the most interesting festivals I have ever been. New visions and technological discoveries, great ideas from all corners of the world and inspiring moments. Not to mention that it is the only festival that gives chocolate in the press kit.

Editor Andra Oprea