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Cannes Film Festival 2014, a more feminine edition


Cannes Film Festival is more feminine this year with Jane Campion as the leader of the Jury. It is not only because of her worth (she is the only producer to have received the Palme d`Or at Cannes in 1993), but also because this competition needed a feminine touch. Now, even the problems are more womanly. Jane Campion said at the press conference that her major problem was, in fact, what to wear at the festival. Isn`t that everybody`s problem?

`This is everybody`s problem nowadays.` said Jane Campion.

But, being an event of art, of cinematic art, there are great films and projects that are shown and that are given the glamour touch through the feminine presence. And, this year we have names to brag of: Nicole Kidman, Jane Fonda, Blake Lively, Zoe Saldana, Rosario Dawson and many others. 

The masculine stars talk about the feminine appearances at Cannes this year. Ryan Renolds talks about his wife, Blake Lively. He connects his artistic challenge of playing in the movie The Captive with his wife. He said at the press conference that the only challenge for the film was to bring his wife from their honeymoon in Africa to the 40 degrees minus Canada. 

`She coped with it better than I did`, said Ryan during the conference.

And, as we talk about feminine presence at this type of event and the need for women to take the lead and have more active roles within movies but also organisations, Cate Blanchett put it straight away. In the press conference for the movie How I trained your Dragon 2, the actress declares that she finds appauling that still nowadays we talk about women like in the Middle Age separating the role of mother from her career. Nowadays, they can be done both.

We start to have a vision of how women have more power or more rights having a word to say as important decision makers. This year, for the Cannes Film Festival, at least, Jane Campion has the word.

Editor Andra Oprea