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Cacharel Spring Summer 2013 Collection A Fish In A Tea Cup

fashion & styletrends

3 October 2012

A tea flower blooms in the rays of the sun. A goldfish makes its way through the underwater world. Movement and surrealism define the new Spring Summer 13 collection, imagined and created by Dawei Sun and Ling Liu for Cacharel.

Aquatic worlds, flowing water and graphic scales inspire prints which are brought to life, in tea green, coral orange and royal blue. A surrealist yet poetic collaboration of goldfishes flow down the dresses through anemone and orchids.

Romantic and versatile, the Spring Summer 2013 Cacharel girl lets her imagination wander, imagining herself as a princess just like when she was a child but still revealing a rebellious side.

She plays hide and seek through the transparency of sheer silky fabrics as Cacharel's sweet floral heritage clearly identifies the Cacharel girl as a fun, feminine and a creative individual. She is optimistic and joyful.

This is her imagination. This is Cacharel.