• Photography by : Raimo Van Nooij 

  • Photography by : Raimo Van Nooij 


Photography by : Raimo Van Nooij 

Bono Van Peursem Couture Paris Fashion Week FW19/20

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2 July

"LES NUITS NOIRES"  Bono Van Peursem got his new collection inspired by the diversion vibes of the 80s and 90s. The time of great wealth, satisfaction and fantastic nightlife. Period mused by super models Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and celebrity-driven atmosphere of downtown finds its reflection in Bono Van Peursem's AW20 collection. Adoring the life to a full extent, emphasizing the chic with Diamonds, sexiness and edgy styles is obtained in every unique look.

Bono Van Peursem opens a door to street style silhouettes, such as oversized sweaters, T-shirt dresses, jumpsuits and recreates them into sparkling couture pieces. Sweaters are recreated into fabulous silk tops, exclusively shielded with light feathers, T-shirt dresses converted into evening gowns enclosed with thousands of hand applied fringes and ostrich feathers.

Jumpsuits turn into exceptional pieces of art entirely beaded, delivering a dynamical luxurious silhouette.Bono Van Peursem pays an excessive attention to handcraft and embroidery, spending more than 1000 hours of beading work for garment to execute his image of the LES NUITS NOIRES collection and create starling looks.