• Photos : Nicola Gleichauf 

Photos : Nicola Gleichauf 

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Bohème collection of the designer Christophe Guillarmé

fashion & styletrends

6 March 2013

Fashion designer Christophe Guillarmé introduced his new called collection "Bohemia", in a Parisian place Balajo during the calendar of Fashion Week Paris. The personalities and friends of Christophe Guillarmé came for the occasion, effervescent quizmaster of W9, Karima Charni in a minidress in jersey of red silk, The actress Josephine Jobert who had  represented Christophe for the parade of 20 years of the magazine Gala the day before the Olympia, appeared very glam in a tiny lacy dress entirely re-embroidered with lines of spangles, divine choreographer Mia Frye was delightful in a silk jersey powdered in the gold shoulder pads. Vocal coach Armande Altaï as well as the quizmaster Eleanor Boccara in a tiny gandoura satin pink and the film director Jovanka Sopalovic supplemented this Frontrow of the most glamorous.

With this precious support, Christophe introduced his inspiration in assistance on the artistic current of the 19th, the Bohemia. A state of mind where eccentricity is favoured as in the cinema of Fellini with which Christophes' is impregnated to create underwear dresses in silk muslin draped for one Extravagant and diaphanous keepings on the verge of indecency. Precious colours of which the red ruby, the Indian red, the carmine, the royal blue, the black in transparency of re-embroidered tulle, and of money in shaded pailletage all‐over or in jersey. Some volumes in tulle doubled by gold surprised the audience and finished this cloakroom for an elegant who favours glamour and fancy.

For the occasion Christophe Guillarmé once again joined Renault to create a custom Twizy Butterfly version which will soon be to discover in some points of sale of Paris and Ile‐de ‐ France of the constructor.