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Photo credit Stylezza.com

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BMW Polo Masters Gassin St Tropez, elegance and refinement

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30 July 2013

The 26th edition of BMW Polo Masters took place on 26 and 27th of July on the beautiful Domaine du Bourrion, Gassin - St Tropez. An idillique place, a convivial atmosphere, a sportive event that stirs emotions and nostalgia. Founded by Jean-Yves Delfosse, the event is meant to create awareness of the polo on the peninsula of St Tropez and to bring more charm to the beautiful place of St Tropez.

On a hot weather, under an umbrella and a straw chair, a perfect idillique frame was created for the polo competition that was a pleasure for the eye. We arrived on Sunday when it was the feminine day competition and the Ladies Charriol Cup. Also, on the 26th it was the horsemen day with 4 teams confronting each other, a Cthis 8/10 goals level international tournament. The BMW Polo Masters & Night of St Tropez - Gassin 2013 ended with the victory of Julian jewelers by a score of 7-6 against the team of the Hotel de Paris. The podium also showed on its third place the team BMW with a score of 7-6 against Derbez nurseries. Finally, it is the Charriol team which won with 9-4 against the range of twins at the Ladies Charriol Cup.

More than a sportive competition, an elegant vintage ambiance:

Besides the sportive competition, we loved very much the elegant ambiance that could perfectly create the frame for a 20s event movie. It was the Old Car Trophy with beautiful cars parade, it was the Hats competition and it was the place - all in one. A vintage atmosphere with an Oriental theme this year, "1001 Nights". We saw two lazy and hungry camels, we saw an entire oriental tent with paintings, scarves, spices and sand just to create the perfect Oriental ambiance.

The Swiss watchmaker and jeweller, Charriol, rewarded with gifts the biggest names in the feminine polo competition like Lavinia Fabre, Hana Grill, Caroline Anier, Laetitia Guillemin. The brand also celebrated its 30th anniversary with this event being, for many years, one of the organizers and partners.

Hats competition and vintage old car parade:

Very elegant hats, a must have accessories that show elegance and social status was the stars along with the classic cars that proved their beauty in the parade, all filled with elegance and refinement. Sophisticated hats, some of them full of colors, feathers, floral motifs walked in front of our eyes with a nostalgia of a beautiful elegant era that reminds us of excellence and exquisite time.

The events proved us that this is more than a polo tournament, it is, in fact, a high-class competition, an elegant entertainment equestrian show that brings back the charm of the place and of a time filled with refinement.

Editor Andra Oprea