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14 November 2012

Bioslimming is a revolution when it comes to body contouring treatments combining natural active ingredients, bio-technology and massage to produce what can only be described as quite phenomenal results.

Developed by Flora Vergnolle, Biochemist, Entrepreneur and founder of Provence Cosmetics France, Bioslimming delivers instant, long lasting results from the first treatment without the use of bandages,
compression or manipulation of the tissues. Instead it relies on the absorption of the ingredients to produce results.

Bioslimming :Targets cellulite with a 47% reduction in appearance of cellulite noted in clinical trials following first treatment and 67% following 4 weeks of treatments.

The products aid weight loss with clients reporting 2-6 lbs following one treatment.

Smoothes the appearance of old stretch marks with a significant improvement noted in fresh/new stretch marks.

Spider veins fade significantly, and clients report a marked improvement in the "bruised appearance" in their lower legs as well as reducing oedema.

The products dramatically firm and tones the skin due to their action on collagen production, the crepe appearance of skin is significantly improved.

Through the action of the active ingredients there is inch loss which is achieved by inducing a thermogenic reaction which in turn induces Lipolysis. This is the breakdown of fat within the fat cell. The fat turns into free fatty acids which the body utilises for energy and the excess is then excreted naturally by the body via the lymphatic system and the normal process of elimination.

Following one treatment clients have lost anything from 5 inches up to a staggering 27.5 inches from first treatment (over a number of measured areas from knee to below bust) on average the loss ranges from 8 - 16 inches following one treatment. The important thing to note about the inch loss is the fact that it is achieved without compression or manipulation of the tissues and is achieved purely by the active ingredients being massaged into and being absorbed by the skin.

Bioslimming lets you target your problem areas with precision and is excellent for use on thighs, hips, tummy, waist, midriff, bust, arm, back fat and arms.

Bioslimming increases the metabolism and burns calories for two hours following application and continues the slimming and firming effect for 12 hours. Following one treatment many client lose a dress size and
they take great delight in telling you that they are now wearing clothes that they couldn't get into before the treatment!

Women who have struggled with their weight and who have found it increasingly difficult to lose weight as they get older are amazed by how easy they lose inches and weight. Clients who have combined courses of
salon treatments with the Bioslimming Trio homecare, have lost anything from 8lbs to 25lbs, going from size 12/14 to size 8 and size 22/24 to size 18 in just 6 weeks combing salon and homecare treatments. Jo Vickers (journalist) describes Bioslimming as "a near magical treatment".

Bioslimming has been scientifically formulated combining the highest quality natural active ingredients and is completely Paraben Free.