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The best skincare masks for your face

19 September

Tighter pores, a radiant complexion, smoother skin - all women want to achieve this result! To get there, they put in their bathroom tons of tubes of makeup, foundation and correctors supposed to hide the imperfections. Yet they have no impact if the skin is not cleaned properly, and it requires above all a good cleaning and a mask to regain its brilliance.  The secrets of a clean skin The skin is one of the most important organs. He also breathes - almost 0.4% of the body's oxygen needs are delivered through the skin. When it is blocked by sebum, sweat or foundation, it is very quickly visible: the gray complexion due to dead skin and air pollution absorbs its brightness. The skin looks tired and dull.  Into the Deep While cleansers remove makeup or dirt, peels work deeper: they release dead skin and other particles that obstruct it, allowing it to "breathe" and open its pores. Moreover, the scrub allows to re-oxygenate the tissues. The skin regains its brilliance, freshness and softness. The peels must be adapted to your skin type. For normal skin, a cleansing gel should be preferred, while sensitive and dry skin prefer masks. For oily skin too, a scrub mask is

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