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Jet Peel, The New Anti Age Hydrating Skin Technique

20 July

The principle of Jet Peel The innovative technique of Jet Peel Dermedics makes it possible to perform several treatments without injection and without pain in one and the same session:● lymphatic drainage● mechanical peel● infusion of active ingredients (vitamins and hyaluronic acid, Argireline, etc.).The dermis is thoroughly cleaned, the skin is radiant, toned and the complexion uniform. The Jet Peel Dermedics allows active ingredients to be infused through the skin, without needles and without any contact, by means of a jet of fine droplets propelled at high speed. The transdermal diffusion of the elements is based on the principle of "barophoresis": the high pressure of the jet causes the active ingredients to penetrate deeply through the epidermal barrier.After a real moment of well-being with the "thalasso" effect, as effective as it is relaxing, your skin will be radiant and revitalized in depth and in a lasting way. Benefits In a few sessions, the skin is rehydrated, smoothed and regains its natural radiance. The work done on deep wrinkles is simply remarkable. Of course we are not saying here that your lion's wrinkle will disappear in one session, but that with this patented technique, infusion of active ingredients in the heart of the dermis, after 6

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