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How to take care of your skin in winter, Expert Advice

10 January

Skincare during the winter needs more attention due to the external conditions which are less favorable than those of a mild climate. Follow the advice of our expert, Catherine Feher, on this subject. During winter it is better to have several layers of creams and serums rather than a single layer, only one cream. A single cream will not be absorbed completely. It has an occlusive effect, it will stay on the surface of the skin. If we superimpose serums mainly on gel form with a cream, we increase the resistance compared to the outside climate. In our region it is complicated because often in the morning it is very cold and in the afternoon very hot and the cold becomes present again from 5 - 6 pm. The skin is a reflection of the internal state, it is absolutely necessary to reinforce its barriers, compared to external aggressions. The beauty ritual during winter time In the morning, cleanse the skin with a lotion, never use soap on the face; then put your eye contour serum, based on caffeine to speed up circulation. We can mix two serums and potentiate with a day cream. In the evening, cleanse the skin with a milk that can

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