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What are the perfume trends for the autumn winter?

26 September

The world of perfumes has the power of mystifying yourself. Every scent enters your pores and creates the story around it that will transgress to a memory. The memory of that moment attached to that fragrance! This season, figs are the flavours to put an emphasis on the season! And fid perfumes are special! Just like ones created by Dossier. Born with a sustainable vision in mind, this brand takes to a state of dreams from an instance. And they want to share this touch of luxury in an affordable way. Dossier perfume is inspired by creed aventus and it's totally Vegan & Cruelty-free What are the perfume trends for the autumn winter? In general, autumn winter goes for more classical and more powerful tones. Most of them accorded to the season's fruits or plants! It' more a trend related to interior spaces, to gourmand moods or introspection. It can be raw, minimalist or full of symbols. For Dossier, the choice is raw, minimalist, and luxurious but, definitely, cheaper than the luxury ranges. The brand takes its sources from the Grasse region, the world's perfume capital. It keeps the French "savoir-faire" and delivers scents that smell good and makes you feel good. Seasonal plants, tea, spices, woods, leather So, focus on seasonal plants, on tea, on spice, on wood with its rich accords, on leather,

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