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The Energy Lift Facial Massage and Tui Na Technic

22 March

One of the biggest trends right now is getting a facial massage. This type of massage is made holistically, a part of the whole that vibrates to its own energies. I tried Floriane Guillé's Energie Lift facial massage technique and the result is awesome.Very gently, I went to other dimensions where you can feel the subtlety of energies, authenticity and well-being. Far from the noise, we feel our body present, anchored in an appeasement of tranquility. This kind of treatment and massage allows, in fact, to move well in depth to be able to heal and reshape. After the session, I shone like a star. "The facial treatment, a deep reshaping of the face, working all the muscles, following the meridians and energies of the face.» Floriane Guillé explains to us. The Energie Lift Facial Massage Entirely manual, the Énergie Lift facial massage promotes detoxification and decongestion of tissues and lymph nodes, as well as muscle relaxation, for a rejuvenating and plumping effect. The very specific gesture of gripping the tissues is precise, firm and delicate. Its first specificity is to follow the circulation of the meridians and the lymphatic system which increases the capacity to detoxify. Then the gesture, deeper, allows you to

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