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Beauty trends, the difference between BB cream, CC cream and DD cream


15 October 2013

Beauty trends - the difference between BB cream, CC cream and DD cream

It is the era of the fastest growing beauty trend - the era of BB, CC and DD creams! Starting from tinted moisturizers, the beauty industry found a new way to combine different skin care products into one.

What is BB cream (Blemish Balm Cream) ?

The BB creams found their origins back in 1950 in Germany when discoveries were made for soothing the skin after surgery. But, the development of this beauty technique was made in Asia. So, BB creams have Asian roots coming from South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China and beyond.

BB cream wants to be a mix of soft foundation and skin care ingredients. Every brand that has a BB cream has its own mix. But, most of all, have a tinted mix of soft foundation and moisturize, anti-oxidant ingredients. Very few have a sunscreen protection.

CC creams (Complete Correction Cream)

Although, CC creams are designed to be different from the BB creams, many say that they are very much the same. Still, CC cream is much lighter than the BB cream and it has a so called effect of color correcting. It is meant to correct redness and sallowness and it has light diffusing particles. It is meant to be a better version of BB creams, but still in the same manner. We have tested and we are very pleased with Erborian CC cream.

DD creams (Daily Defense Cream)

Reaching the higher notes of the alphabet, DD creams want to be different from the others. Still, the beauty industry is at its first steps when coming to it. It is a tinted mix that corrects and protects the skin. We have Marcelle brand that has the Daily Defense DD cream with a SPF 25. It acts like a soft foundation and a skin care cream. It improves the skin texture, it eliminates the impurities of the skin, it acts like a moisturizer. One important thing is to be mentioned for the DD creams - they were initially created for the body and the feet, but many brands took it as a continuation for the BB and CC creams.

So, it is a new era for the beauty products! Still, with this growing trend, the foundations aren't dead ...yet. Make-up artists, brands and beauty addicts are still using foundations as a great make-up tool. Still, for the future, it remains the questions of using foundation or a mix of it. For you to choose!

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Editor Andra Oprea