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Beauty Trends For the Summer 2020

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13 July 2020

With a few brushstrokes, transform your face by focusing on red lips, a radiant glow and fancy eyelashes. To make up this summer, it is high time to follow the latest trends and follow some useful advice, without forgetting the choice of products which is essential.
The main beauty and make-up trends this summer
Look good with contouring
Contouring makes it possible to assert any shape of face and it is the big trend this summer 2020. This year we put on a golden complexion using a highlighter on the cheekbones, under the brow bone and on the bridge of the nose, and a bronzer to apply with a large brush on the cheeks, temples and nose.
Adopt elf eyes with whimsical eyelashes and pearly eyeshadows
For fans, bet on false eyelashes to have a frosted and magical appearance. There are some with white bases to put under the mascara which, in solo, make white eyelashes. Apply the product from root to tip. Otherwise, this summer gives way to pearly eyelids thanks to subtle eyeshadows but also thanks to eye gloss or lip balms to blend with your finger.
A sensual red color mouth
This year, it is the glossy red lips that finalize the makeup and give volume. Although this summer, there is a good chance that they will be hidden by a protective mask ... So to avoid smearing, choose a long-wearing lipstick.
How to avoid mistakes?

First of all, it is important to choose your products well, whether care or make-up, it is always advisable to find quality products, or even those found in pharmacies, especially if you have skin problems. Some have even launched their website, such as, where it is possible to find quality makeup and care that respect the health of the skin, some of which are also ecological.
Do not cheat with your face, rather use products adapted to your skin color
In everyday life, makeup is just an "accessory", even in the evening. There are no overlapping effects to do. Just enhance the colors using products that suit your skin. Choose a frank, shiny lipstick and stay yourself. As for the eyeshadows, concealers, highlither or other tanning powders. It's important to know if it's right for you.
When to use the foundation?
Don't be extravagant and avoid using them every day. The eye gets used to it, the skin too, we can no longer see the change, the only idea of ​​which already lights up the complexion! To reserve for the days when one does not look good, and the evenings. To apply it, do not put on the whole face, but only on the midline of the face by blurring quickly on each side of this line using a brush (a touch of foundation on the forehead, another on the nose and chin is usually enough).