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Beauty tips and trends - Paper eyelashes

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10 September 2011

Beauty tips and trends

A new trend for eyelashes is to come as an inspiration from Chinese paper cutting art. For you to be special and create a sensation near you, eyelashes are the solution. They can be reused whenever you want and gives you a delicate and mysterious look.

There are more forms of paper eyelashes. One is Deer and Butterfly from Chinese symbolism meaning “free, sensitive and delicate”. You receive one pair that can be used as is or cut up and used. They are used with regular eyelash glue.  This can be bought at: http://www.nonesuchthings.com/

The Peacock eyelashes creates mysterious look and are especially designed to suit your eyes. All come in neat little boxes with a display window.

Under the Sea is another type of eyelashes launched on Paperself. It is the most recent collaboration with “The Broken Hearts”, two well known London DJ women.