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Beauty tips and trends - New filler technique for younger skin


13 September 2011

Beauty tips and trends for younger skin

For those who are used to skin fillers like hyaluronic acid, botox, Juvederm or Restalyne, a new filler is on its way. This is what Johns Hopkins Researchers report in the July edition of Science Translational Medicine.

Green LED light treatment:

The news study shows that the new filler is a new improved technology than the injectible hyaluronic acid that after a year fades away. With the new technique, scientists inject a liquid, massage it in the wanted area and lock it with the aid of the two-minute green LED light treatment. This way the implant lasts longer and looks more natural.

Technique used in the army:

The technique is used in the army at the face reconstruction of the wounded soldiers and seems to be a finding that can have effects on the surgery and cosmetic market. Anyway, the research is still on and the scientists are looking for sponsors to keep the clinical trials and study more.  

Basic skin care tips for beautiful and healthy skin

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