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Beauty tips and trends - Natural glam by Dr Hauschka Fall 2011


31 August 2011

Beauty tips and trends 

Nature is the source of inspiration for all. Still, for Dr. Hauschka it is a source of inspiration for the collection of making-up of autumn, 2011. It comes with natural colours for a look glamorous. The limited edition Glamour in its own juices it is elegant and comes with special colors like white celeste, brown earth up, blue glacier and lapilli grey.

Dr. Haushka is known for his making-up with medicinales plants and natural substances as oil of Jojoba, Argan, Almond, moisturizing essential oils for the skin.

Palette natural shade Glamour :

Natural and elegant at the same time, the new palette of Shades combines colours as Celestial, brown White Earths up Intense, blue Glaciers and Grey Lapilli.

Pencil Duo Kajal Bleu Glacier / Grey Lapilli:

His colours give look of natural, tranquillite with glamour. With the palette, they can create looks differentes and sophistries but in the meme time natural. The colours of Blue Glacier and Grey Lapilli it is the look which makes eclaircire eyes and give natural tones.

Powder dyes made to order:

The powder is in three differents nuances for a look matifie and harmonious. The combination of tones give a natural face.

Gloss Wild:

The gloss by Dr. Hauschka comes with natural wild colors who makes your lips burts with free sensations.

Very natural remaining at the same time elegant and glamour!