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Beauty tips and trends - Lying and make up habits


31 August 2011

Beauty tips and trends

A recent survey was conducted by consumers and markets research agency ICR from 15 June to 19 June 2011 on 300 women from USA and France. The survey wanted to see how women from both sides of the Atlantic lie about their make up and getting ready. 

The brand that promotes lashes longer than natural:

The survey was made on the occasion of the launch of the Californian brand Benefit Cosmetics mascara. They claim that their product has “the ability to make lashes look so long as to not be one’s own”.  The brand created its name with a sense of humour. This is why they created this survey. They wanted to make a buzz in line with Benefit’s image as “the friskiest luxury brand”. The survey helped them find out even more about USA and French habits of make up.

What did the survey find?

According to the survey, women from France lie more often than those from USA as a proportion of 62 % to 59%.  Especially younger French women lie more than older ones.

Also, French women are more tolerant in accepting lies.

Who has more mascara?

According to the survey, French women have more mascara. They buy more than one and that is why they don’t even know their number anymore. In fact, 13% of French women do not know how many they own.

What is the essential can’t live without makeup?

When coming to the must have makeup, women from USA and France have different opinions. The US women prefer concealer and lipstick, while French women prefer mascara, especially among 18-24 years old. Three times as many French women as US women won’t leave the house without mascara.

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