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Beauty tips and trends - Lipstick's personality type

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29 November 2011

Beauty tips and trends

Do you believe that lipstick can have a personality of its own?

Lipstick n°1: the warrior:

This is for an audacious woman, full of imagination and sensuality. Its strong personality leans of the inventive side, a lively constitution. The woman who wear it likes surprises and life without routine. And it is exactly what resembles the lipstick to: it is used of the 2 sides in a equal way, he makes think of a beak of flute. This woman forgets conventions and hisses her happiness by drawing her own road.

Lipstick n°2: the good companion

It is a natural happy-go-lucky person, an eloquent woman who shows an innate diplomacy. Her friends often turn to her to ask him for advice, because she knows how to listen and brings a notified point of view. Its lipstick and her way of life follow the same behaviour: they are every 2 sides. The lipstick is flattened and slicks. It doesn't much matter her beauty, the women will feel no competition in its company, and the men will not see each other as objects of wish.

Lipstick n°3: the super-female

Soft and feminine, they can say that she extremely needs harmony in its life. She has an easy personality, really loving person, an exceptionally gifted cook and a very loving companion. In her life, everything takes place as she envisaged it and she leaves no chance hazardly. Even the use of the lipstick does not avoid her.

Lipstick n°4: woman business 

Sure of her, serene, cultivated, this woman has the love of detail. Behind each of her firms hide a lot of energy and creativity. Endowed with a special memory, she does not know hate and is always encircled with friends. His lipstick is a peak towards the sky, very as its comprehension of future. Her constitution is indomitable, its place is not irrefutably behind stoves.

Lipstick n°5: the emotional

It is a sensitive, thoughtful and reserved woman. " To be happy let us live hidden " represents her perfectly, it is in that way that it will express her womanhood at best. She searches understanding, friendship and nearness, but disappointment will surprise it from time to time. This tendency to privacy expresses itself partly by the pressure exercised over its lipstick, which shows a "bowl" apparently. In the contact of romantic words, poems and appealing lyricism, it will be transformed into the most burning of the lovers.

Text and illustrations: beautypress.fr