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Beauty Questions about the Skin Care With Answers from Experts

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10 August 2018

How to remove blackheads?

Blackheads are the result of pores clogged with dirt or sebum. This dark comedo is due to an excess of sebum, an oily substance produced by our hair follicles to moisturize the skin. When there is really too much sebum, the pore gets clogged. In contact with the air, this material oxidizes, which gives a black point. Blackheads particularly like where most sebaceous glands are: in the so-called T-zone (along the nose and forehead), on the chin, on the chest, back, neck or arms. How to get rid of it? The best products to use should be non-comedogenic, that is, without any substance that may clog or block pores. A thorough and gentle cleansing of the face is the first step to permanently eliminate blackheads and other imperfections. Exfoliating scrubs and masks eliminate dead skin, while a regulating hydrating serum will prevent the formation of new blackheads.

How to avoid dark circles under the eyes?

The skin on the eyelids and under the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive on the entire face. Due to its thin nature, the skin around the eyes is more likely to develop wrinkles. In addition, if we sleep with our face buried in the pillow, it will inevitably cause swelling and therefore bags under the eyes. Stress, iron deficiency, lack of certain foods or alcohol consumption can increase dehydration of the skin and make the area of ​​the eye area appear darker and swollen. What experts advise is a gentle massage on the area around the eyes every day, to stimulate blood circulation in the skin. In addition to this gesture, we must at all costs avoid creams infused with perfume because they can cause irritation and redness on this very sensitive area. Should we clean our skin differently in summer than in winter? It all depends on his skin type. However, in general, the skin is more oily in summer, the heat opening the pores of the skin and generating a greater production of sebum. Conversely, the skin is drier in winter, as cold, wind and indoor / outdoor temperature changes are much more aggressive. Although it is very important to adapt skin care to the current season, it may also be wise to start with cleansing. Thus, in winter, "cocooning" your body as soon as you clean it with moisturizing shower creams or rich creams, for example, will make your skin clear and less dry for the following treatments. In summer, removing the feeling of "wetness" and cooling off with shower gels will help you feel better in your body and in your head. Does it make sense to change care routines from time to time? Our skin changes constantly during our life. In addition, we are also exposed to various environmental influences. Hormonal changes can create imperfections or make the skin dry, so additional precautions or adjustments of our care are necessary depending on the seasons and our different lifestyles! It is essential to pay attention to the state of our skin and coordinate daily care in a proper routine. Mixing different brands, testing others repeatedly, combining conventional and natural cosmetics can irritate the skin more than bring benefits. Try to ignore the huge choice on the market and focus on the best-suited creams. A regular change of care can take place so that no addictive effects occur and the skin can prepare for impending "events". In the colder months, the use of creams and masks particularly rich may be the most suitable. To play safety, do not hesitate to consult the advice of a dermatologist or a beautician!

BB, CC, DD cream ...: what differences? BB creams (Blemish Balm cream) are used to protect, moisturize & even out the skin while masking small imperfections: it is the multifunction cream par excellence & the pioneer of all! But it adapts with difficulty to all types of skin and it will therefore use in addition to care tailored to each skin problem. The CC Creams (Color Control cream) make it possible to control the color of the complexion and adapt easily to all skin tones. There are multiple formulations for each issue: good looks, concealer, anti-redness, etc ... Regular use, the CC Cream corrects, moisturizes the skin and gives it a fresh and brighter complexion, while protecting it from the skin. Sun. DD creams (Daily Defense cream) play a real role of protective shield for the skin: UVA, UVB, free radicals, pollution ... While maintaining the same ease of adaptation as a CC cream & the same functions as a BB cream.

How does the cleaning powder work?

The cleaning powder removes dead skin already detached from the surface of the skin, without stressing the natural cellular rhythm. The skin is gently polished, visibly refined and toned. The cellular tissue is strengthened and the microcirculation of the skin is improved. The cleaning powder is soap-free and ph-neutral, therefore suitable for all skin types. Its fine grains literally remove dirt from the pores. It is recommended to use the powder with a cleaning brush: deliver a small amount in the palm of your hand and rub gently with a few drops of water. Spread the product on the brush and apply generously in small movements on the face.

Stop the buttons!

What to do against impurities?

Stress, poor nutrition and inadequate fluid intake can be the cause of oily skin. Take a short break and relax regularly, eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit - preferably raw, baked or steamed and drink enough! About two to three liters of water and herbal teas or unsweetened fruits a day - so that your body and skin are sufficiently hydrated. In addition to a healthy diet, specific treatments refine your grain and ensure visibly beautiful and pure skin. The most appropriate treatments are low in fat and prefer active ingredients. Emulsifiers are to be banned so as not to clog the pores and restore balance. Irritations and lesions caused by acne can heal with soothing and regenerative ingredients. The most effective is to opt for a deep cleaning (reduction of excess sebum, for example with foam preparations). To unclog the pores, use salicylic acid and regular enzymatic peels (no mechanical peels, they will "disperse" only the impurities). You can finish with an antibacterial treatment to prevent inflammation, but always with the advice of professionals trained in skin problems. And down the legs! The risk of scarring increases when you touch your acne.

Can toning water tighten pores?

Also called "tonic lotion", "tonic water" or simply "tonic", these lotions mainly composed of water are used daily to prepare the face to receive moisturizing care. They clean the skin thoroughly, thus removing all the dust and impurities caused by pollution during the day. In addition, these lotions are refreshing and moisturizing because they maintain the neutral PH of the skin. However, it is very important to always remove makeup properly because the lotion is not always designed to get rid of makeup. There are a multitude of lotions that adapt to each type of skin: depending on the composition, they can soothe the skin, reduce sebum production, fight acne, fight pimples, redness and traces of fatigue ...

Why should you use a specific eye cream?

The delicate area of ​​the eye contour requires special care because the skin is thinner than on other parts of the body. In addition, she has almost no connective tissue. An eye cream should be carefully applied by light tapping with the ring finger, as this finger exerts less pressure and thus prevents damage to the skin. The slightest tear in this area can promote the appearance of wrinkles, so it must be as delicate as possible. Taping is the most appropriate method for our sensitive skin and will stimulate more blood circulation!

To whom are the depigmenting cares addressed?

Depigmenting care is mainly aimed at blocking the synthesis of melanin in our skin. They contain for it assets that reduce the production of melanin (curative effect), or even better, which prevent melanin already produced by the skin to color it (preventive effect). They sometimes combine UV filters to prevent the skin from repigmenting naturally when exposed to daylight. Depending on the country and the age, this care targets two major applications: skin lightening (commonly known as "whitening effect" in Asia and Latin America or more recently "the radiance effect" in Europe and North America) more locally, the decrease in brown spots that accumulate over time or during prolonged exposure to the sun on the hands, face and and the cleavage. Many depigmenting treatments exist on the market, but consumers must pay attention to their safety: thus the care to be preferred will be those based on vitamin C, kojic acid, rhaponthine (molecule derived from rhubarb roots) and arbutin.

How to recognize a "Perioral Dermatitis"?

People with dry skin have a rough epidermis, which pulls during the day causing some discomfort. To avoid this sensation, we tend to apply cream several times a day to relieve us. Excessive care leaves the skin over-hydrated: the top layer swells and the natural barrier function is disrupted, leaving unsightly redness. This intolerance reaction of the facial skin is called "perioral dermatitis". When in these cases, the protective layer of the skin is weakened, the skin loses more moisture, tightens, itches and dries more quickly. This, of course, makes you want to apply more cream to rehydrate the skin. This unfortunately creates a vicious circle, which is not dangerous, but very unpleasant and this pathology then becomes chronic .. To put an end to this situation, there is only one way: stop the application of cosmetic products and let the skin resume its function as an impermeable barrier.

Non-greasy, non-sticky: how do dry oils work?

The dry oil is a blend of oils which gives the touch a less greasy feel than traditional oils. Dry oils usually contain high hiding oils, which are absorbed very quickly after application and give a smooth skin feeling. They form a thinner layer and therefore more quickly absorbed by the skin. Very useful in this cool period of the year in order to moisturize our skin dry by the cold, they are used both in the summer on the skin or the hair to protect them from the sun, the wind, the sea water and water from the pool. Some dry oils can even be used from head to toe!

Does lack of sleep cause wrinkles?

Answering yes to this question would mean that you can escape the wrinkles by sleeping enough ... But unfortunately, it is not so simple! Lack of sleep can actually lead to increased body stress: when sleep time and sleep quality are not enough, the condition of the skin can quickly deteriorate, because it is sleep that can repair UV damage done to the skin. Conclusion: no more reason to make fun of the Sleeping Beauty! Go to bed at the same time, do not dine too late at night and stop the screens an hour before going to bed are the key to a healthy lifestyle and restful sleep!

Do facial soaps dry the skin?

Conventional soaps can sometimes dry the sensitive skin of the face and alter its pH. The skin loses its natural balance due to its dryness and thus becomes more vulnerable to bacteria that can penetrate more easily. Solid soaps specially developed for facial skin contain mild formulations and for the most part 100% natural ingredients. Some facial soaps even have a slightly basic pH, which stimulates the sebaceous glands of the skin. This stimulates the replenishment of sebum in the upper layer of the skin and naturally prevents dehydration.

What is a "Cleansing Stick"? Is it hygienic?

Cleansing Sticks were invented in Korea. As for a lipstick or a concealer stick, the product material is firm and applies directly to the face. But this time, it is necessary to make circular movements because the goal is not to make up but to clean the face. Some sticks even contain chamomile extracts that soothe the skin during cleansing. The best is to choose a neutral pH stick and if possible without soap, so as not to dry your skin. To ensure hygienic use, the stick should be rinsed with warm water after cleaning. Some users use the Cleansing Stick in combination with a Konjac sponge.

Can serums and blisters be applied to the eye area?

Sera and ampoules are real bombs of efficiency! The sera do not contain most of the time any oil, but rather an ultra-concentrated and aqueous substance. They penetrate quickly and easily into the deepest layers of the skin and act more intensively and directly than creams. The results are long lasting! The ampoules have been designed for single use or cure 7 to 14 days: a shoot of vitality often without preservatives. All non-oily ampoules and serums with a gel and water consistency can be applied safely around the eyes. Only contact with eyelashes is to be avoided. For sensitive eyes that are easily irritated, simply maintain a sufficient distance between the area of ​​application of the treatment and your eyes.
Can face oil be used on oily skin?

By definition, oily skin has an increased production of sebum: it has the primary function of protecting the skin from external aggression. The so-called "dry" oils will not cause any problems, provided you choose one with plant active ingredients (such as Jojoba, Tea or Thyme oil), especially made for oily skin: some have antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatories that will regulate the production of sebum and improve the appearance of the skin. Dry oils normally do not leave greasy residue, but an increased shine of the face can be masked with mattifying powder. In addition, it will be necessary to check that the components of the oil do not cause acne, a frequent problem in oily skin. The products also suitable for oily skin will be non-greasy creams that regulate the production of sebum or mattifying gels. If the condition of your skin deteriorates despite your care, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist who can give you advice adapted to your skin type.
Why do not you cover the eye area when applying a mask?

Sabine Kästner, Press Officer Lavera Germany

It is always advisable to protect your eyes when wearing a mask, even with natural cosmetics. Why ? Because the mask is in contact with the skin of the face, but it is not excluded that nothing enters the level of the eyes. It is better to be careful when applying. 

Is it harmful to wear anti-UV creams during the night? Guylaine Le Loarer, Research and Development Manager Annemarie Börlind & Dado Sens Damage yes, in the sense that apply UV filters on the skin at night, while the skin is not exposed to UV radiation is a completely useless care. Sunscreens are made for temporary applications, some are again being evaluated toxicologically and even though most synthetic filters are safe for health, be aware that this safety margin is calculated based on the daily dose applied filters. It is better to avoid doubling this quantity and reapplying the filters at night. In addition, at night, the skin is very active and regenerates. To accompany its pace, it is necessary to adapt its care and apply at night nourishing, regenerating cosmetics in order to repair UV attacks, pollution and free radicals.

Guylaine Le Loarer, Biochemist and Director of R & D at BÖRLIND GmbH

The formulas contain not only colored pigments but also shiny sequins more or less fine depending on the desired glossy effect. These flakes are gold or silver and can also be coated with iron oxide to intensify the base color of the gloss. Ingredients such as natural castor oil polymers and vegetable oils of jojoba and cardamine meadow accentuate this shine. The care and long-lasting effect comes from candelilla wax and African shea butter. How do the cleaning powders work and for which type of skin do they work? Barbara Sandner-Troll, Business Manager at Troll Cosmetics The skin is delicately polished, the skin texture is visibly refined and tightened. At the same time, the connective tissue is strengthened and the microcirculation of the skin is improved. The cleaning powder does not contain soap and has a neutral pH, so it adapts to all skin types.

Judith Williams, beauty expert for HSE24

The cleaning powder is suitable for all skin types. It is so thin and astringent that it effectively removes dirt from the pores. For effective cleaning, I recommend using a brush because it helps penetration in the least accessible places. The handling is also very simple: pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and mix gently with a few drops of water. Then spread with a brush in the palm of your hand, then apply a generous amount by making small movements on the face. 

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