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Beauty on low budget

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21 December 2011


Crisis makes us think 2 times before buying. Our products do not always contain beauty secrets: skin, hair... And these home made recipes are on a low budget. The kitchen is perhaps your new bathroom!

For bright and healthy hair:

• Is the brightness of our hair in beer? Having washed your hair, apply a little breuvage for the coiffage over. Keeping and guaranteed brilliance! Besides, the smell is not detectable. You will not see beer anymore similarly consequently!

• Fan of brilliance? Exit priceless rinse, adopt clear vinegar. It is enough to blend 1 dose of vinegar for 5 of water, and to apply this mixture to hair after your washing. And not to rinse it.

• to tell pitchforks, the oil of olive is going to become our best ally. They apply it a bit to tops, they let pose 30 minutes before washing. This oil is going to repair the hair and to bring him all moisturizing which it needs.

For a bright complexion:

• The eyes are a bit filled? The sachets of tea are going to put an end to it. During breakfast according to the madwoman harmed on the lane of dance, do not throw your sachet of black tea, but put it rather on your eyes. 

• The edges of cucumber are also known for their moisturizing action, especially after light sunstrokes. The skin becomes marked absolutely by their moisturizing, and contained vitamins will come in bonus to treat on the angry skin.

• The infallible mask in case of dry skins remains this mixture based on fromage frais to which they add some honey. These 2 ingredients bring hydration and intense care in the skin.

For a nice skin:

• An exfoliant? Nothing easier. Take some oil of olive which you will mix in see salts, then apply this blend to the dry places (ex: elbows, knees or feet). For hands, prefer the sugar to see salts.

• Cléopatra was the beauty quenn of the epoch and had definitely understood every beneficial effects of a bath of milk for the beauty. It used some milk of she-ass in order to do that, and its version 21th century will be made up of normal milk, but with a strong proportion of cream (1 litre - 3,5 % for a tub). Cream contained in the milk is nutritious and soothes down the sensitive skins, and enzymes of milk are going to support cell renewal.

• All grandmothers will say it: lemon juice helps to whiten the nails. They cut the lemon in 2, they plant the nails in a half and they are pressing. They let ot action and afterwards they admire the nice nails.

• The dry lips will love honey, but not you, otherwise you cancel nutritious action!

For a diamond smile:

• The leaven of bakery has a share whiteness. Forget your costly dentistry bleaching and apply to your humid toothbrush and rub. The same process also works with bicarbonate of soda. To note: if they do not want to damage his enamel, they apply this recipe beauty 1 - 2 times a week max!