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Beauty Forecast S/S 13 by Stylesight

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8 December 2011

Beauty Forecast S/S 13, where 4 topics are approached: Subnation, Nutopia, Ashen and Clarity


Mood: an anti-conformist approach in which resounds a new generation of urban, smart and shock tribes. This style merges with compared types, combining all elements going of the glamour cocktail to the punk attitude.

Colours: a range of explosive colours which pierces and vibrates thanks to additions of changeable and metallic effects. Pinks, purples, greens and overalls go together with potency and force.


Mood: a radiant and positive ambience which sees oranges and reds flourished in themes where nature takes back its rights. A lively wish of big areas, a need to relive the freshness of the morning dew.

Colours: a very sunny palette which underlines oranges subtle and of nuances corails. The red and copper devote themselves mutually in darker shades, sometimes leaning towards the crimson.


Mood: a monastic world rapellant Victorian epoch in severe contrasts of shade and light. The subjects of this topic alloy patina it with effects aged and employed by time. Dust, cinder and fog come to soften this atmosphere very "Dark".

Colours: one very misty topic, a crossing of stormy sky, filled with dusts and with cinder, illuminate by a key of blue sky. Roses powdered come to balance the quantity of grey contained in this palette.


Mood: The Extreme East is at the origin of this influence where distinguish themselves two distinct currents. The one puts forward purity while other one makes light of traditions in a modern and fantastic aesthetics.

Colours: emphasized by sour dyed impertinent persons and of soft colours in a very cool ambience. The most notable colours will be pink orchid, green bamboo and coral, and translucent aspects and gelatinous consistency forms new textures.

Stylesight by Beauty press